About Us

HJ Foundation

With the socio-economic development of the Democratic Republic of Congo at the heart of prominent businessman Mr. Harish Jagtani’s strategy, charitable giving has become his passion, leading to the creation of HJ Foundation in 2016. Supported by the board of trustees, a selection of prominent and socially active persons residing in Kinshasa, Mr. Jagtani is committed to inspiring change.

HJ Foundation’s principal objective is to better the living conditions of the many underprivileged living throughout DR Congo’s 2.3 million square kilometers and constitute a significant portion of the population of 77 million.

We hope to accomplish this objective via targeted projects in sectors including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Child welfare and education
  • Housing, sanitation and public infrastructure

In order to ensure success in the endeavors sought by the foundation, a key component, which is often ignored by many international organizations, is the proper training of the local people and long-term follow-up to ensure that donations have a real impact. The Congolese people therefore play an integral role in the foundation’s conceptual strategy and activities, ensuring results that are adapted to the authentic needs of the population.

Health and Wellness

With the recent establishment of HJ Hospitals, the medical sector has come to play a central role in the group. Mr. Jagtani has extended his accrued knowledge of the sector to benefit the people of the DR Congo with health-related current and future projects including:

  • Sponsoring medical care for needy individuals
  • Medical camps including vaccination drives
  • Mobile clinics
  • Building maternity wards in rural areas
  • Soup kitchens (subsidized or free-of-cost canteens)

Thus far, the foundation had extended its support to the ‘Yellow Fever Vaccination Drive’ conducted by the WHO. The campaign ran for 10 days in which more than 7000 people were given free vaccinations for yellow fever along with refreshments in the premises of HJ Hospitals at Kinshasa, DR Congo. We then sent a team of volunteers to Mother Teresa Orphanage, situated in Limete, Kinshasa, to vaccinate orphans as well as elderly people residing in the center.

Apart from this we are also working on providing free as well as subsidized health check-up camps at public places such as churches, orphanages and schools thanks to our Hospital staff.

HJ Foundation also provides free health care services to underprivileged patients without access to quality medical care. In an effort to promote health care and wellness among the citizens of the country, the HJ Foundation has sponsored medical tourism for patients whose conditions were not treatable locally, in collaboration with other similar organizations.

Child Welfare and Education

Child welfare and education are critical for long-term sustainable development, ensuring that young minds are nurtured and given the tools they need to grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

As the Chinese proverb goes, “You give a poor man a fish, and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

Projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Building of schools and orphanages
  • Training of teaching staff
  • Professional training, including technical and medical training

The foundation has already dedicated a student hostel and orphanage center in the city of Kindu to the government of the DR Congo as a step towards improving the living conditions of these at-risk individuals.

A word about the President:

Mr. Harish Jagtani started his career more than two decades ago in Africa and today is one of the most successful businessmen on the continent. From nothing, he has today built an empire.

To achieve this, Mr. Harish Jagtani has put in herculean efforts, ensuring not only personal success but also the success of his partners and colleagues. Today, he is the proud owner of Serve Air, a domestic logistic company with a fleet of 9 cargo airplanes, and Modern Construction, a leading high-end construction company, as well as many other ventures.

Committed to the people of DR Congo, he has contributed significantly to the country’s social development, giving back to the country that has given him so much. In addition to the establishment of the HJ Foundation, he is behind a series of other social welfare initiatives, including HJ Hospitals, bringing world-class hospital and diagnostic lab services to Africa and the people of Congo, with a branch in Kinshasa and coming soon to the cities of Lubumbashi and Mbuji Mayi.

Mr. Harish Jagtani (President)