Harish Jagtani’s HJ Foundation conducts lifesaving Tumor surgery free of charge


MVUTU KABALA Ravana, a 19 year old boy had a mandibular tumour for 10 years. At the age of 9, he had become the laughing stock of the neighbourhood, of the school, his friends were running away from him. He suffered a lot physically and morally with this tumour, making him unable to eat, to speak, he bled at all times; his mother who fought tooth and nail to have him operated died unfortunately without however succeeding in having her son operated, it was a very hard blow for him and had even tried to commit suicide, he had lost all hope since his mother was the only person who fought for his case, and there was no one to help him, he was plunged into uncertainty.

Harish Jagtani

His family tried to contact other agencies and organizations, they made requests for assistance here and there, they could not find success and decided to contact HJ Foundation which is a non-profit organization of Philanthropist Harish Jagtani working for the poor population since 2016, being very compassionate and was very affected by the case of this young man, Mr. Harish Jagtani instructed HJ Foundation and HJ Hospitals to take care of this boy, as soon as his request was accepted, HJ Foundation sponsored his first consultation and a series of tests which all cost $462 but the young man had always remained sceptical that he would have surgery despite this, when he received a call telling him the date of his surgery, that’s when he believed.

At the beginning, it had been thought that this young man could be sent to India for this major surgery could be done, another solution had been found, under the patronage of Mr Harish Jagtani, HJ Foundation and HJ Hospitals agreed as soon as possible to bring a specialist doctor from India to Kinshasa to take care of this so delicate operation, and the operation went well with a lot of professionalism, the team of doctors who participated in this surgery were very experienced, they did it in very good conditions that HJ Hospitals offers, it was a surgery several hours but the doctors surprised and did it in only 2 hours.

Thanks to Mr. Harish Jagtani through his HJ Foundation, MVUTU KABALA Ravana was able to recover his smile and his joy of life, his operation was a total success and he is currently in perfect condition. Today he is eating and speaking properly.

As HJ Foundation’s vision says “tomorrow must be better than yesterday” his present and future sound is still better than his painful past.

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