HJ Foundation: Promoting Humanity: New Initiatives every month

HJ Foundation: Promoting Humanity: New Initiatives every month

Harish Jagtani

Founded in 2016 by the well reputed businessman and philanthropist of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Harish Jagtani, HJ Foundation has been since inception providing its best for making people’s lives better here in Congo. Moved by the lack of medical resources available in the country, Mr. Harish Jagtani started giving back to the people of Congo with his venture HJ Hospitals, which has brought to DRC world class medical services which are unparalleled in the whole of Central Africa. After the HJ Hospitals went functional in 2016, starting as a state of the art diagnostic centre and slowly expanding to a full-fledged multi-super speciality hospital today, HJ Foundations was founded in order to provide similar facilities in terms of healthcare and medical aids to the underprivileged and the needy, which form a major part of the Congolese population.

Mr. Harish Jagtani has been approached by multiple foundations looking after orphans, children with special needs, foundations for the physically challenged and many more for medical aids owing to the above par services available at his HJ Hospitals. Compassionate as always, he has always extended his support to these organisations through HJ Foundations and has undertaken numerous activities since then. Free MRI for around 50 kids and infants for hydrocephalus, free surgeries for the underprivileged, various health check- up and depistage camps for Malaria, Chickungunya, vaccination camps, building of community centre clinics, renovations of multiple government clinics, providing medical equipment, building of a 200 bedded Covid centre for the government and now the free Eye check up camp with the Campaign ‘Gift-A-Vision’ which plans to conduct 100 free cataract and glaucoma surgeries for underprivileged people from all across the country. Till date, the HJ Foundation has been conducting all these treatments at absolutely no cost from the benefactors. Through these activities, Harish Jagtani says he is just trying to do as much as he can for his countrymen, the people of Congo where he has lived and made most of his life. He plans to work tirelessly and with the same zeal and efforts and try to make things easier and better for his countrymen in any way that he can.


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