Eza Possible Inaugural Concert

"Eza Possible!" Inaugural Concert

HJ Foundation launch the "Eza Possible!" program in 2017, a career training program for disabled and handicapped persons, providing an alternative to begging and a road out of poverty and homelessness.

Eza Possible means "It's Possible!" in the local language Lingala, encouraging this community to push themselves beyond the realm of what they -and society- believe they are capable of.

For the first edition of the program, in partnership with Nina's Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), 90 disabled (blind, deaf-mute and physically handicapped) and homeless men, women and children were trained in the arts (dancing, singing and instrumental music) during a two-month training period, culminating in a world-class concert for 2500 spectators.

The concert, held at Theatre de Verdure in Kinshasa, was the first of its kind in the DR Congo, and was presided over by the Minister of Social affairs, Mr. Eugene Serafuli, and the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mrs. Astrid Madiya.

This concert will be followed up with the construction of housing and a community center, training in music production and sales, and a series of smaller concerts.