Welcome to HJ Foundation

HJ Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo working to better the living conditions of underprivileged persons through Health and wellness, Child welfare and education, Housing, sanitation and public infrastructure, and Agricultural development.

About Our Foundation

Initiated in 2016 by prominent businessman Mr. Harish Jagtani and supported by the board of trustees, a selection of prominent and socially active persons residing in Kinshasa, HJ Foundation is committed to inspiring change.

HJ Foundation strives to contribute to the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo through targeted social projects in the medical and wellness, child welfare and education, and housing and public infrastructure sectors.

In collaboration with HJ Hospitals, HJ Foundation has supported a series of activities, including:

  • ‘Yellow Fever Vaccination Drive’ conducted by the WHO
  • The construction of student hostel and orphanage center in Kindu
  • The provision of free and subsidized health services in public places such as churches, orphanages, and schools, and at the main HJ Hospital in Kinshasa for the underprivileged

HJ Foundation looks forward to accompanying the Democratic Republic of Congo as we move towards a better, brighter future, together.

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